Introduced to Roadside locations in 2007, digital media has now established itself as the “premier” offering in the Outdoor Market due to its high quality presentation and flexibility in content delivery.

It is reserved for only the absolute best locations, primarily in London supported by screens in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. TTP remains at the forefront of development and management of digital media assets.

Rental values are the highest for digital media and landowners should be alert to requests by media contractors for conversion of existing non-digital panels, or alternatively proposals for the development of new digital sites.

Digital Hoarding Sizes and Population

Type Size Number in UK
6 Sheet 1.2m x 1.8m 200+
48 Sheet Portrait 3.1m x 6.2m 2
48 Sheet 6.2m x 3.1m 30+
Screen 25 5m x 5m 1
96 Sheet 12.4m x 3.1m 1
Mega 96 ? ?
Supersite n/a n/a