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Why The Thomas Partnership creates success

Established in 1990

Instructions are only accepted from landowners or their advisors, never media contractors.


A long term view, establishing relationships through performance and delivery.

Creativity and Vision

Assessing each opportunity with fresh eyes from both the landowners and media contractors perspective.

Active not Reactive

Understanding current market conditions and anticipating future trends.

Proven Track Record

Our client and project base proves our credentials.


An unrivalled commitment to, and investment in, independent research and data management.

Our projects

You will probably be familiar with our work even though you may not have realised TTP were involved.

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About us

The Thomas Partnership (TTP) is the UK's only practice of Chartered Surveyors acting solely in relation to advertising hoardings and displays.

We only accept instructions from landowners and their advisers, never media contractors, so our independence is assured.

We do not act as principals, are not retained by media contractors in any capacity, have any shareholdings in media contractors or have family members working for media contractors.

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Established in 1990 we have an unparalleled experience of direct day-to-day market transactions supported by extensive research and data management.

Landowners infrequently deal with Outdoor media assets and have limited access to market data which can easily be corrupted or misunderstood. Ultimately, the value of our services not only ensure the client benefits from maximised revenue but a significant amount of time is saved which can be redirected towards primary activities.

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