Until the introduction of digital panels, lightboxes were the most valuable form of display. They still form the backbone of most high value campaigns and are available in all standard large-format sizes.

Some lightboxes are also mechanised and form Scrolling panels showing up to five individual images in sequence.

Lightbox Hoarding Sizes and Population

Type Size Number in UK
6 Sheet lightbox 1.2m x 1.8m 75,000
Premiere 250 4.5m x 3m n/a
Mega 6 lightbox 7.5m x 5m n/a
48 Sheet lightbox 3.1m x 6.2m n/a
96 Sheet lightbox 3.1m x 12.4m 400
Mega 96 lightbox 5m x 15m n/a
6 Sheet Scoller 1.2m x 1.8m 500
48 Sheet Scroller 3.1m x 6.2m 250
96 Sheet Scroller 3.1m x 12.4m 10