Media Investment

Advertising hoardings can produce capital as well as income.

There are a number of investors active within this sector which has distinct characteristics from the wider property investment market, principally as there is no such thing as permanent planning consent and often no alternative valuable use, and the values of different panel types but of the same size can vary a hundred fold.

The key issues in determining the value of a media property investment are:

  • Does the site benefit from planning consent - That is to say, is it lawful?
  • The occupational licence/lease from which the income is derived - Is there a break clause or unilateral rent reduction clause?
  • The type of panel and the rent passing - Will the panel type become obsolete and if so will the income reduce or cease altogether or is there the potential to enhance the value by converting the panel to a more valuable display?
  • The location and orientation of the panel/s.

To extract full value maximize revenue and have a licence/lease that meets their requirements. Note, Outdoor media contractors rarely pay what a private investor is willing to do so ensure the market is tested. Can we help?

Please email us if you are interested in investing, or selling the rights to your advertising income.