Continuing Professional Development

Tim has lectured to fellow property professionals on the subject of Outdoor media for over 20 years, long before property owners realised how valuable these assets could be and how poorly they were being managed.

Times have changed, so too the market and planning legislation.

In-house CPD qualifying seminars are offered for property investment and development companies, local authorities, financial institutions and other estate based organisations.

Each seminar includes:

  • What is Outdoor media
  • How does the Outdoor media market work
  • Who dictates the market, media contractors, media buyers or advertisers
  • The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements)(England) Regulations 2007
  • Paragraph 67 and 68 of the National Planning Policy Framework and what they mean
  • Market Trends and Values
  • When does digitisation work
  • Capital valuation
  • Investment strategies
  • How to audit the revenue on turnover/profit share agreements
  • Key Management Strategies for the effective management of Media Assets.

Time 60-90 minutes.

Cost is dependent upon group size.

Over 10£750

All fees are subject to VAT.